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ezBiz offers a wide spectrum of helpful features to assist you in growing your business. Find out more on our features and see how they make your life easy.

Multi Location

The Multi-Location facility helps you smoothly operate many branches or locations. The Multi-Location feature can be used to manage important locations of your business such as your Warehouse, Head Office, Showrooms and other similar facilities.

User Permissions

User permissions lets you assign users accessibility to various modules within the app. For example, you may restrict some users from entering or viewing data within your business app as well as allow some users unrestricted access to all modules of the app.

Multi User

ezBiz lets you delegate responsibilities to your employees through its Multi-User feature. Now you can assign different user accounts to a number of your staff to achieve collaboration within operational teams.


A fully integrated Sales, Inventory, Purchasing and POS application. This means your business information is able to communicate with other functions of your business. For example, if you add a purchase through the purchases module, your inventory management tool also gets updated, corresponding to the change.


Generate and view reports on your business. Our reports feature compiles important information about your business activities according to time periods that you can define, in to informative reports. This feature is great when you require relevant reports such as monthly or weekly sales reports, inventory movement reports, stock reports and other similar reports to make informed business decisions.

Data Backup

Reliable backing up protocols to ensure security of your data. ezBiz backs up your important business data to the cloud. This means, unlike older IT systems, you do not need to worry about backing up your information on regular intervals nor do you have to worry about losing information because your computers got infected with a deadly virus. ezBiz will back up your data for you.

Launch and go

No installation required. Access online. As a result, you do not have to spend time or money installing your business information system. ezBiz is a cloud solution, which means you can access it through your preferred web browser. Our servers will host the application and all you have to do is log in and use it.

Customizable templates

Customize templates according to the requirements of your business. You can customize the layout of forms and document templates such as invoices, Purchase orders, Quotations, etc..


Your business data is protected by modern security techniques. Now you do not have to invest in security systems to protect your business information. Our modern security protocols will handle your systems security for you.

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