What to expect when you order an IT system for your small business.


A headache. That’s what’s coming.

Or rather, that’s what should have come if not for ezBiz App. Because ezBiz App is an all-in-one suite of critical business applications tweaked to help small business managers achieve growth and overcome IT related obstacles.  
Whenever a small business decides to invest in IT, such as sales softwares or perhaps CRM softwares, they often underestimate the challenge of integration. i.e; the challenge of integrating existing business practices with the newly acquired software.  
You see, small businesses operate very differently in comparison to medium and large sized organizations. Because of the various market positioning strategies and operational strategies that small businesses use, it is rather difficult to group together small businesses in terms of operational and marketing strategy. This makes the development of customized IT systems an expensive option for small businesses.
Similarly, there are other challenges foreseen when introducing IT to your small business. Some of them are as follows
      Implementation expenses:
These are the costs of IT developed and customized to fit your small business. Cost estimates of a comprehensive IT system for a small business will vary between KR 250,000 - 2.5MN. This is more than the average small business can afford to spend on automation.
     Future Proofing:
A modern IT system will be outdated in a year’s time, rendering it obsolete and expensive to maintain. Will your IT investment decision be justifiable in the future?
     System Support Requirements:
IT systems are notorious for crashing when least expected. Will your small business be able to find technical support to assist and help recovery in such times?
     Threat of Job elimination & employee morale:
When you introduce IT to your small business, some office functions and/or business processes may be automated to enhance efficiencies at the workplace. Some of your employees may feel that their job security has been compromised and may feel threatened. This will affect your staff morale in a negative manner.  
Getting ahead.

Fortunately however, today, modern SaaS modeled business applications help Small Business owners overcome these challenges in the way of scalable, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-grow softwares.
thinkCube is one such SaaS vendor operating in the South Asian region and offers ezBiz App as a service for growing small businesses.  
The ezBiz App  is modeled around its Solution Statement ‘Know Your Customer. Build Intuition. Grow your Business’, to help small businesses get on the fast track towards achieving  rapid customer development.
Unlike traditional IT systems that bring about more problems (as described above) when introduced to your business organization, ezBiz App prevents these problems from forming at all.
Implementation expenses are hardly any at all due to ezBiz App being an internet based solution. This means you do not have to spend time or money on hired help on installation. Simply logging into your ezbiz App account will allow you to get started.
Since ezBiz App is a pay-as-you-grow modeled cloud solution, you do not have to worry about future proofing or expensive upgrades in the coming quarter. Your ezbiz App account will automatically be upgraded to the latest version without any additional costs. It’s part of the solution.
ezBiz App also online support to its users. Call them on +94 11 31 444 31 or visit https://ezbizapp.com/faq in case you experience difficulties.
Also, your employees will hardly be worried about job security with ezBiz App. Rather, it will be seen as a blessing since your staff can achieve outputs quicker and can help your business grow faster. This will lead to positive emotions at the workplace.
Try out ezBiz App for your Small Business today. Sign up for a free trial account to see how well it fits your business.

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