Getting used to the idea of “Software as a Service”

Cloud computing refers to both, the applications delivered over the internet, as well as the hardware and systems software in the data centers that provide ‘Computing as a Utility’. Very similar to how your local power supply authority provides electricity as a utility.

This advancement in information & communications technology has led to a surge in businesses, organizations and individuals boarding the internet; a digital virtual platform where anything is possible.

As to the ‘why’ of it, reasons are plenty.

The time of the digital native

The internet generation, or rather, the generation of kids who were born after the internet became main stream underwent a rather different upbringing in comparison to their parents and preceding generations. It is rather difficult to explain the why’s and the how’s at this moment.

Anyway, the digital native basically lives on the internet. In other words he is always online. As a result he has been conditioned to survive on the internet. I could go out on a limb here and say, without the internet, this guy wouldn’t know what to do.   

The digital native plays a large role in attracting businesses to use the internet as a commercial platform. Because of their online presence, businesses are trying out identifying ways to make the digital native community to engage in commercial activities such as making purchases online.

Widespread Availability of Internet Payment Gateways

Widespread availability of Internet payment gateways such as paypal, bitcoin and other similar service providers make it easier for people and businesses to carry out monetary transactions. This makes it easier for organizations to conduct business across the internet.

With modern e-commerce sites designed to display merchandise and promotional offers, you are able to provide your customer with a completely digital shopping experience without having to leave their homes or offices.

The emerging Drop Shipping Model

Drop shipping is one of the newer tricks the e-commerce retailers are working on. Drop shipping is a fulfillment model where online retailers are able to buy individual products from manufacturers or wholesalers and ship the goods directly to the customer.

For example;

ABC Company is a modern online retailer that uses drop shipping as part of its business model. Instead of purchasing and stocking a large amount of inventory, ABC has partnered with a number of drop shipping suppliers and lists their merchandise for sale. Once a customer of ABC orders a product, ABC forwards the order to the drop shipping supplier for fulfillment. The supplier then ships the products directly to the customer from its warehouses and ABC is charged only for the price of the shipped item.

e-Marketing is reaching maturity

E-Marketing is nothing new really. The past decade witnessed a number of organizations and businesses around the world adapting to the internet as a part of their business. One of the main reasons for this wide scale adoption of the internet as a business communications tool is largely due to the reduced costs of communicating around the world. Businesses are able to communicate with stakeholders and target audiences at a fraction of previous costs.

As a result, a number of internet marketing methods have arisen. The more popular ones are e-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing, ad content and viral content among others.

For example; today your business is able to carry out an online product promotional campaign to a variety of audiences scattered across different geographies. What’s more, you could even cut across income levels and communicate with different segments of your market all at the same time.

Connected apps and availability of Service Partners

Businesses that use the internet as a platform for their business operations have at their disposal a number of Digital Service Providers to make doing business even easier. A well-known digital services for businesses, organizations and individuals is the internet giant; Google.

With its powerful search engine, Google is recognized as one of the biggest internet companies. In addition, Google also offers a suite of digital apps such as its online storage facilities, blogging tools, digital real time maps and the more popular office related administrations tools (Spreadsheets, Presentations, document processors, etc..)

Similarly, ezBiz too is an Internet based business application designed to make doing business easier. Where Google addresses the common problems of all and sundry, ezBiz addresses the administrative and operational problems a business organization faces. ezBiz offers a powerful online Sales & Inventory system that is integrated with a modern POS module to enable transactions.

With minimal set up costs and the lack of need for complicated and expensive IT hardware, ezBiz is a great business enabling tool for the modern SME. To read more about ezBiz click here. To sign up for a trial account click here.

Today, if your business isn’t capitalizing on the availability of connected third party apps, your organization is probably missing out on a lot of benefits. Benefits that can help you save on expenses and increase revenue for your business.

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