Small & Medium sized Businesses that use Information Technology (IT) succeed more often and grow faster

Is it because computers are faster and have greater ability to process information or is it the applications that are available? Infact it is a combination of both and much more. Today, Information Technology solutions are coupled into devices of many shapes and sizes. Hence, how you use information technology is limited by the user's perception and vision. On the flip side, businesses environments are dynamic and challenging at the same time, hence IT brings a toolkit which helps businesses navigate a complex world and make sense of things which are not visible to the naked eye..

There are some obvious advantages of using IT which helps business to focus on success and growth rather than processes and regular activities.

Ability to automate processes (drastic increase in efficiency).

The ability to achieve automation of processes through Information Technology, allows businesses to reduce overhead costs and increase operational efficiencies. For example a small business can automate communication of new products and promotions to it's customers through the use of IT tools.

Zero Errors (Accuracy and Timely Delivery of information).

IT systems and applications which are integrated to the business delivers information, removing guess work and errors of manual computation. Hence, for example, the knowledge of the exact status of your inventory and speed at which you consume which is easily available with today's systems, avoids disappointing customers

Accessibility to Information (Make informed decisions from anywhere).

Today's connected Systems, allow businesses owners to access information about there businesses wherever they are, using any device (such as laptop, Tab or Mobile phone). The obvious advantage for the business owner is that he/she does not have to be in the business premises from opening to closing time to know what is happening in the business.

Translating these advantages to business success and growth does not need to be second guessed today. These IT tools give the business owner the ability to

a. empower co-workers while retaining control. Therefore, the business owner can focus on the key issues rather than spending time on invoicing or purchasing

b. be informed of critical information without looking for it. The IT solutions today will tell you exactly what your outstanding invoices are , which items are going out of stock, How much cash has been collected and status of jobs being carried outstanding out.

c. Providing necessary information to your partners is only a click away. Hence, obtaining capital to expand will be easier as you will have the information at your finger tips to provide banks and investors.

d. Marketing becomes a whole lot more aggressive as you have the tools to communicate directly with the customer without delay. Hence taking advantage of a situation is easy with the right IT tools

While, the above now must look obvious to any business now, the other factor that IT becomes more relevant is the fact that acquisition of technology has been made easy in the 21st century

Availability and Affordability of IT and connectivity.

Today, the wide range of computing devices and broadband connectivity allow businesses to use IT without an additional burden. Hence, businesses dont have to commit to a sizable overhead to get on the bandwagon of IT. Therefore IT has become a natural part of running a business

Reduced costs of applications and hosting.

One of the newest trends in Information Technology for Businesses and organization is in the form of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing systems allows businesses to convert large capital costs of IT systems into inexpensive operational costs. Through a ‘pay as you grow’ licensing model, a popular Cloud computing solution for businesses; ezBizapp, provides affordable business solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises to address their IT requirements in a convenient manner. No more investment in expensive hardware, no more software upgrades to worry about and most importantly get all you need to in one place. Go ahead, get on the IT trail and be surprised!

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