How a Sri Lankan tech firm is passing down the benefits of Cloud Computing to Business owners

Breaking The Cloud Down Into Understandable Chunks - Part One

The non-IT person has long wondered what cloud computing is and how they could benefit from the advantages it offers. thinkCube is a technology company that puts to use the numerous advantages cloud computing offers. Here’s a brief on how thinkcube passes on the benefits of cloud computing to its growing client base of business owners.

Cloud computing is another term for centralized computing. But since the term ‘centralized computing’ lacks the flair and ambition that centralized computing really is, the term cloud computing is used as it sort of acknowledges and gives recognition to the scale of work this type of computing offers. Making use of cloud computing is like getting an electricity connection from your local or national energy provider. The energy provider or Electricity Board (in the Sri Lankan context) does all the magic and hard work that is required to turn fuels into usable energy. The consumer has to only pay for how much energy or electricity consumed. To read further on this, click here.

Similarly thinkcube has developed a centralized business computing solution (you should check it out here), and is opening this service to Small & medium businesses that need to shed unnecessary operating expenses and focus on growth. The business solution currently offers three main modules that are critical to operating almost any sort of business. The modules are Purchases Management, Inventory Management and Sales Management. A Point of Sale (POS) module, complete with ability to accept payments via credit cards is also available. To know more about what the modules are capable of doing, click here.

The icing on the cake however, is the pricing for this modern business solution. Since it is a cloud based business solution, users are offered the option of paying as their business grows. 

For example: if you are starting a business, you may be the only person using the business solution. Therefore you would pay for only one user, thus keeping your operational costs at a bare minimum. Once you have proved your business model, you may want to expand to achieve sustainable growth. At this point you may want to hire a couple other team members to assist you with operations. Now you can create a couple more user accounts for your business. You don’t have to invest or tie up your money in IT systems that will take months to recover investments. This way the costs of your business solution only grow when your business grows. This lean growth model helps you grow your business at minimal operational costs.  

Instead of investing heavily, both in terms of time & money, in tailor made systems that run the risk of becoming obsolete in a couple of years, business owners can subscribe to the cloud based business solution. At introductory prices, ezBiz is almost the bargain of the century for business owners in Sri Lanka. For information on pricing, click here.

Unlike sticky contracts that come with expensive customized business solutions, customers of ezBiz are not tied down by legal documentations or monies invested in business solutions projects. The customer can walk away anytime, no hard feelings. ezBiz is a solution for your business, not a process that is added to your business.

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