7 Reasons Why All Sri Lankan SMBs should Consider Using ezBiz

ezBiz is a business solution that passes down the benefits of cloud computing technologies for the owners of Small & Medium Businesses.

Sri Lankan Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) make a significant contribution to Sri Lanka’s colorful economy. Dealing in various business lines with various strategies to combat competition, Sri Lankan SMBs are on the constant lookout for newer and better ways to increasing their share of a very limited market.

To help small businesses increase efficiencies, reduce costs and conveniently manage business operations, most business owners look to invest in IT solutions that afford them these benefits. One of the latest trends in the IT solutions world is cloud computing

Cloud computing allows users to make use of high tech softwares from anywhere in the world. Since the complete cloud solution is installed on the developer organizations computer servers, security risks are mitigated and the benefits of economies of scale is passed down to the business owner. 

ezBiz is a business solution that makes use of the benefits of cloud computing technologies for the owners of Small & Medium Businesses. The benefits to using a cloud based business solution are numerous and below are seven reasons why you should consider making use of ezBiz for your business operations.

#1 - Instant access to your business data
Your business at your finger tips. Since ezBiz is an internet solution, your business is not limited to any physical location such as your home PC or office network. You can access your business data from anywhere, anytime through the internet (you can also use your smartphone).
#2 - Integrated suite of business critical apps
ezBiz offers 4 modules (Purchases, Inventory, Sales & POS) that are crucial to running any business. These module’s primary functions are to automate Procurements, Inventory Management, Sales and POS. Since all these modules are integrated with each other and run on a common software platform, when data is added to one module, all modules are updated accordingly to maintain accuracy of information.

#3 - Tri-lingual
ezBiz can be used in all three major languages that are used in Sri Lanka. Sinhala, Tamil and English. This means you can choose which language your business operates in. If you prefer to run your business in Sinhala, you can do so by choosing Sinhala in the list of languages available. 

Further, you can also allow multiple users to work in different languages. For example, if you have a store operating in an area where English speaking employees are hard to find, your employees can work in Sinhala or Tamil while your head office works in English. At the end of the day, when you wish to see reports on operations you too can choose to view information in the language of your choice.

#4 - Multi-user enabled
ezBiz facilitates multiple users working on the same system at the same time. All users are assigned unique user accounts to enhance accountability and minimize errors. Since multiple employees from various departments in your business organization are able to work on ezBiz, this makes it easier for your employees to collaborate on tasks, work together as teams and get work done faster.

#5 - Pay-As-You-Grow
ezBiz offers an easy payment option to using the application. Utilizing a monthly user license model, you are able to keep your operation costs at a minimum by subscribing for only the number of users from your organization who will be using ezBiz.

This makes ezBiz an affordable business operations tool for small and emerging businesses. By paying a small fee for only the number of users who will be using ezBiz, small & medium business owners are able to keep operational costs to a minimum and yet reap the benefits of employing a fully hosted, digital business solution. 

#6 - Hosted Solution 
ezBiz is a completely hosted solution which means you don’t have to worry about installations and virus guards for your business. Just like gmail or facebook, you don’t have to install ezBiz at your office premises or your laptop. It is accessible through the internet without the headache of expensive installation costs and virus guards.
#7 - Free upgrades
Once you subscribe to ezBiz you are entitled to all future technical & feature upgrades for free. Since ezBiz is a hosted solution, the ezBiz team takes care of maintaining your ezBiz account for free too.

To find out more about ezBiz visit: www.ezbizapp.com

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