What is in a name?


brand name
1. ezBiz is the brandname for a suite of Cloud based business apps built for small and medium sized businesses and play the important role of making businesses  understand relationships, customers and business dynamics. 

The Team @ ezBiz is continuously creating and improving a suite of apps which allows businesses to truly focus on growth

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What to expect when you order an IT system for your small business.

 A headache. That’s what’s coming.  Or rather, that’s what should have come if not for ezBiz App. Because ezBiz App is an all-in-one suite o...

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7 Ways You Can Add Value To What You're Selling

Adding value to what you're selling is a great way of ensuring new customers turn into loyal, long term customers. But is it as easy as it sounds...

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How much of Intelligence does a Small & Medium Business Need?

Its All in my head !Most Small & Medium Sized Businesses really on the owners intuition to make decisions on charting it's course through changes...

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